Waterproof Suitcase Case Bag For Frsky Walkera RadioLink FlySky JR Transmitter

Brand: START
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Waterproof Suitcase For Frsky Walkera RadioLink FlySky JR Transmitter

Brand Name: START
Item Name: Transmitter suitcase
Dimension: 33  x  23  x 13 cm
Color: Black
Usage: Suitable for Frsky,Walkera,RadioLink, JR 28X,XG11MV,FlySky transmitter

Beautiful appearance,small size,lightweight and easy to carry
Water proof,dust proof,anti - static and anti-risk,long-term use without deformation
Two-way zipper design,convenient to take and put items

Package Included:
1x START transmitter suitcase(Not included the transmitter and charger)

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