TP4056 1A Lipo Battery Charging Board Charger Module Mini USB Interface

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TP4056 1A Lipo Battery Charging Board Charger Module Mini USB Interface

Item Name: Lipo battery charging board
Item NO.: TP4056
Charging Method: linear charge
Charging Current: 1A Adjustable
Charge Accuracy: 1.5%
Input Voltage: 4.5V-5.5V
Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V
Charging Indicator: Blue light  lit charge,red light lit full charge
Charging Input Interface: Mini USB
Working Temperature: -10 Degree to +85 Degree
Reverse: NO
Weight: 1.8g
External Dimensions: 25 * 19 * 10mm
Usage: Used for single lipo or multi-section lipo parallel charging,can take power from the USB port.

Current Regulation:

R(K) I(mA)
30 50
20 70
10 130
5 250
4 300
3 400
2 580
1.66 690
1.5 780
1.33 900
1.2 1000

Use mature charging chip TP4056,simple peripheral circuits,good protection performance and high charging accuracy.
Fully machinery automated processing,all patch parts manufacturing.
Each module will be tested before shipment,high reliability.
Current can be adjusted,just change the circuit board fixed resistors, can change the output to the 100mA-1000mA, very convenient.

Input reverse connection has no effect on the chip, but the output (battery end) reverse connection will burn out the chip.
Ampere meter can only be series connected to the 5V input end.
The charging current is best to be 0.37 times of the battery capacity,
Charging wire can't be too thin or too long.
Make sure the board has good contact with the battery.
Chip at work about 60 degrees fever is normal.

Package Included:
1x TP4056 1A Lipo Battery Charging Board 

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