iFlight XL5.5 Lowrider V3 5.5 inch Freestyle Frame Kit Arm 5mm for FPV Racing Drone

Brand: Iflight
Product Code: 1361613
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iFlight XL5.5 Lowrider V3 5.5 inch Freestyle Frame Kit Arm 5mm for FPV Racing Drone


Brand name: iFlight
Item name: XL5.5 Lowrider V3 Frame Kit
Type: 5.5" Freestyle frame
Frame wheelbase: 251mm 
Dimensions :177*177mm(body dimension)
Frame weight:117g approx
Motor c-clip hole: 8mm
Standoff Height: 22mm
5mm arms,1.5mm vertical side plates
2mm top plate & upper plate
Mounting Holes: 30.5*30.5mm
Carries: 1300-1500mAh lipo + GoPro Session

Define a new Hyper-Low version frame which mix racing and freestyle together, it’s hyper lower version based on the previous XL5 frame. True X freestyle design with 4pc 5mm thick removable arms locking structure ensures outstanding flying and stronger than XL5 V3. This racing & freestyle frame gives you ultimate control over weight distribution and CoG by not only allowing the use of M3x22mm standoff but also offering a reversible build orientation for a true mid-mount set up. This frame comes with micro camera adaptors, easy for mounting micro cameras.
- Designed for micro cameras, adjustable camera placement
- Chamfered Edge High quality Pure 3K carbon plate
- Top mounted battery for optimal CG 
- True X frame design
- Replaceable 5mm arms and plates
- Grade 12.9 Black Nickel Plating high-quality screw hardware
- Compact & camera easy repairing design
- 22mm Standoffs
- Slim version XL5.5, narrowest position 12mm on the arm

Recommended parts(not included):
- Flight controller: RevoBee  F4/F7 Compatible controller
- Motor: iPower the Ion/Tachyon/Force 2205 - 2306 Motor
- Propeller: 5.5-inch propeller 
- Camera: Micro Cameras
- Battery: 4s 1500 mAh Lipo battery
Package Included:
1 x XL5.5 Lowrider V3 Frame Kit


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