Time Lapse 360 Degree Rotation Gimbal wirh Adapter for FPV Camera Gopro DSLR Smartphone

Product Code: 1195288
Availability: Expected restock on November 15, 2019

Time setting: 60 minutes (running speed is fixed, 1 lap 1 hour)
Setting Direction: clockwise
Running Direction: anticlockwise
Transfer screw: universal 1/4 screw, screw hole
Maximum carrying capacity: 3.5KG (can carry FPV Camera /Gopro / DSLR / Smartphone)
Endpoint reminder duration≥3S
Volume: 60*60*42mm
Weight: 205g
1. It is suitable for FPV Camera /Gopro / DSLR / Smartphone.
2. Mini, ultra portable, can be carried into your pocket.
3. It is a precise design, the shell is made of metal, and the bearing parts are all made of metal.
4. 360 degrees arbitrary angle adjustment, automatic rotation.
5. The above and below have universal 1/4 screws, screw holes, it is easy to fix in tripod.
6. It is easy to operate and practical.
7. Support multiple 360TL overlay accelerate rotation.
Package included:
1 x Time Lapse 360 Degree Rotation Gimbal
1 x Gopro Adapter

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