RJXHOBBY Fatshark ImmersionRC Goggles Battery Adapter for 3S Lipo XT60 FPV RC Dominator

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Item name: Battery Adapter
Weight: 4.54 g

Designed to work with any FPV goggles fitted with a 2.1-5.5mm dc plug
Polarity is ve+ in the interior, ve- on the outside
5 grams weight, minimal efficient design
Angled to reduce cabling and improve performance
Black mat Turnigy heat shrink for pleasant appearance

Use any battery or power supply that has an XT60 connector.
This adapter uses an XT60 to plug in the power supply and a dc 2.1mm male to plug in the goggles.
It will work with all Fatshark FPV video glasses or any other FPV headset provided they are equipped with the same 5.5 - 2.1mm dc plug
and the polarity is +ve in the middle and -ve on the outside.
This adapter will save you a good amount of money just because you can use any battery or power supply with an XT60 connector as long as
it is within Fatshark's allowed voltage.
When connecting and disconnecting the battery please remove the adapter from the FPV glasses first and hold on the XT60 male while pulling
or pushing the XT60 female power supply connector.
Please do not change batteries or power supplies with the adapter plugged in the goggles as this will decrease the adapters life.
This adapter works with all original Fatshark goggles and the polarity is positive in the middle negative on the outside.
It is also suitable for any other FPV goggles fitted with an 2.1-5.5mm dc power plug including but not limited to: Fatshark, Skyzone and Boscam.
If you are unsure of your current polarity please check it with a multimeter on the original battery that came with your equipment.

Package included:
1 x RJXHOBBY Fatshark ImmersionRC Goggles Battery Adapter for 3S Lipo XT60 FPV RC Dominator


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