Realacc 18650 Li-ion Battery Replaced Refit Case DIY For Fatshark Goggles Case Only Without Battery

Product Code: 1156804
Availability: Sold Out Currently!
Note: Only Case included.  Battery, DC cable, Board and Fatshark battery are not included.

Step 1 :   Take apart the Fatshark Battery

Step 2 :  Prepare 18650 Battery, and take the DC cable and main board from Fatshark battery. 

Step 3 : Solder 

Step 4:  Put it in case

Step 5: Finish
Description :
Brand Name : Realacc
Item Name : 18650 Battery Case 
Material : PLA
Color  : Black
Size : 75*44.5*23.5mm 
Weight : 15g
Used to replace your fatshark LiPo battery to 18650 high capacity battery.
With holde on side, convenience to carry on goggles
Package Included : (Only case included)
1 x Battery Case

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