WyFPV WY-4G01A AV Analog Signal To AP/4G Signal Conversion 4G Wireless Video Transmitter FPV VTX

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WyFPV WY-4G01A AV Analog Signal To AP/4G Signal Conversion 4G Wireless Video Transmitter FPV VTX 


This VTX adopts a unique video decoding design, which can transfer the AV analog signal source to the local AP signal/4G signal for wireless transmission. It can widely use ultra-long-range audio and video transmission in the fields of drone aerial photography, forest fire prevention, water navigation and rescue, bringing you convenience, security and colorful life.

Brand Name: WyFPV 
Item Name: WY-4G01A 
Resolution: 1280*720P / 640*480P optional
Video Format: HKV
Number of Frames: 25
Minimum Illumination: 1LUX
Compressed Format: H.264
Recording Range: 5m²
Power consumption: 300MA / 3.7V
Storage Temperature: -20℃ - 80℃
Operating Temperature: -10℃ - 60℃
Operating Humidity: 15-85% RH
Memory Card Type: TF card (not included)
Memory Card Capacity: Supports up to 32GB
Playback Software: CamView
Computer Operating System: Windows/Mac OS X
Mobile Operating System: Android/iOS
Largest Customer: 4

- Blue light, yellow light and green light are always on, Red light flashes: 4G online
- Blue light is always on, the yellow light is red, the light is flashing: The hot spot is connected
- Blue light, red light are always on: Wifi online

Small size,not easy to fever,long standby time.
Smooth signal,stable performance without delay, high picture quality.
Can be used to convert AV analog video signals into WIFI hotspots or 4G signals for real-time transmission monitoring.
Mobile phone and the computer can receive signal monitoring (the computer can be synchronized with the screen in real time).
Connected to the home router WIFI network, you can realize remote monitoring off-site.
When there is no WIFI network signal, you can insert the mobile phone 4G flow card, or you can use the mobile phone or computer to realize wireless remote monitoring.

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Package Included:

1x WyFPV WY-4G01A Video Transmitter
1x 4G Antenna
1x WiFi Antenna
1x Conversion Cable

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