16 Channel PWM Servo Motor Driver Controller Board TTL Bluetooth PCB Module for Arduino Robot

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16 Channel PWM Servo Motor Driver Controller Board TTL Bluetooth PCB Module for SG90 MG995 Arduino Robot Raspberry Pi DIY
Product document: https://wiki.wit-motion.com/english
The servo motor is used in aircraft model and ship model movement, and has been extended to various electromechanical products. It is also widely used in robot control.
Offline control makes connection more convenient.
16-way steering gear control
USB / TTL connection
Speed adjustable, Isolated drive, Stable performance, never burn board
USB power supply(for writing program), no need to install drivers. Just define the state, no need to to calculate detail of the action
Two-way power supply for the control board and steering gear, arduino, robots, raspberry pi, motors and other equipment
Size: 43.5mm X 36mm X 12mm
Mounting hole position : 37mm X 30mmAperture 3mm.
Frequency : 48 MHz
Channels: 16 
Voltage: USB: 5V , TTL:3.3V(two choose one), Servo Motor supply : 5-7.2v. 
Communication Interface: USB/ TTL UART (Bluetooth optional ) 
Baud rate: 9600Kps
PWM accuracy : 0.1us.
Number of action groups: Group 16. 
The minimum step of the Servo Motor: 1us. 
Chip: STM32 series, high performance, low power consumption 
Operating temperature: -40℃~80℃. To adapt to various environments
Maximum number of storage actions: 8192. Satisfy storage requirements
Package Included
1 x Smart servo Motor Control board 

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