Corona R8FA 2.4Ghz 8CH Fasst Compatible Reciver for Futaba Transmitter

Brand: Corona
Product Code: 1090391
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Corona R8FA 2.4Ghz 8CH Fasst Compatible Reciver for Futaba Transmitter

Compatible with Futuba Fasst transmitters the Corona R8FA offers an affordable alternative for Futaba radio users.

Brand name: Corona 
Item: R8FA  Compatible Reciver
Operating Current: 
70mA @ FASST 7ch mode normal and 110 mA max,
80mA @ FASST multi-channel mode normal and 110 mA max
Operating Voltage:  4.0 ~10V
7mS for high speed PPM (HS), 14mS for low speed PPM (LS) @ FASST multi-channel mode,
8ms for high speed PPM (HS), 16mS for low speed PPM (LS) @ FASST 7ch mode
Sensitivity: ~ -96dBm
Fail Safe: Yes (See manual in files tab)
Size: 55x33x14mm
Weight: 16.8g
Antenna length: 136mm
Compatibility: FUTABA FASST 2.4GHz transmitters ,TM7, TM8, TM10, TM14, 6EX-2.4G, 7C-2.4G, 8FG, 10CG, 12FG

Turn on the FASST transmitter
Connect the battery to the receiver while pressing receiver’s F/S button.
The Dual-color LED’s continuous will cycle through the following:
Red LED light (searching radio signal)
Green LED light (acquired the radio signal)
Red LED off (bind ok)
Green LED flashes 10 times (ID store in memory)
Green LED lights solid (normally operation)

LED status indicated under normal working status:
Red LED Green LED Status
flash off No signal search
off solid Signal is very good
somtimes flash solid Signal is not very good
flash flash Signal is weak

Package Included:
1X Corona R8FA 2.4Ghz Fasst Compatible Reciver

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