BBX1S-8S Battery Voltage Tester Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm for 1-8S Lipo Battery

Product Code: 1240641
Availability: Expected restock on July 15, 2019
This product is suitable for various kinds of RC battery, 1S-8S LiPo Battery. When the voltage is below the set value, it will buzzer with red LED light.


1.Rugged white shell.
2.High precision.
3.The sound is as big as 100 dB.
4.To prevent reverse connection error,If the connection is wrong, the LED screen will not be displayed.
5.Prevent the battery from getting low, causing the crash.


Weight: 12g
Dimension: 40 * 28 * 13mm
Display: LED
Static Current:5mA
Working current:17.5mA
Voltage detection precision:±0.01V
Unit voltage display range:0.5-4.5V
Total voltage display range:0.5-36V
1S test mode voltage range: 3.6-32V
Low voltage alarm mode for:2-8S
Alarm set value range: OFF-2.7-3.8V
Packaging included:

1 x Lipo Battery Voltage Tester

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