Tarot 1555 Folding Propeller Clip Set TL100D04 For Multicopter

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Tarot 1555  Folding Propeller Clip Set TL100D04 For Multicopter

Tarot 1555 High Efficiency Folding Propeller Clip Set TL100D04

Their 1555 folding propeller, using the new airfoil design and optimization of high-strength engineering materials, to ensure a good wing flexibility and stability, receive more than 10% efficiency improvement and more abundant power reserves.

Brand Name: Tarot
Item Name: Folding Propeller Set
Item Number: TL100D04
Length: 173mm
Dia: 15 inch
Weight: 8g for each prop
Center hole dia: 3mm
Mounting base thickness: 3.95mm

6061 T6 Aluminum alloy CNC processing
Suit for motors that screw hole pitch 12mm
Easy to carry, high efficiencyy
Suitable for four-axis, six-axis and other multi-axis multi-rotor UAV
Swiss five-axis machining center MIKRON molds

Package included:
Metal folding paddle clip Theravada × 2 (61 × 12 × 3MM) 3.0g
Metal folding paddle clip Xiazuo × 2 (61 × 18 × 5MM) 4.8g
M3 × 11.3MM collar screw 0.6g × 4
M3 × 8MM round head screws 0.4g × 4
1555 being efficient folding propeller × 2
1555 Anti-efficient folding propeller × 2
Teflon Gasket × 8 (8 × 3 × 0.5MM) 0.05g

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